E-Commerce Success

E-Commerce Success

Success in e-commerce is largely tied to clients and customer’s sense of trust. Do they trust your business? Do they trust your security? Do they trust that all protections and precautions necessary have been taken to insure a safe, fraud-free transaction?

Trust is also a two-way street. Do you trust that this client is who he or she says they are? If they are making a fraudulent purchase, are you liable? What about non- repudiation and auditing capability? How can you be certain that you will receive the funds that you deserve?

There are many ways you can engender a sense of trust on your e-commerce site for both your peace of mind and your clients. My favorite is by adding trusted secure payment solutions such as PayPal. I added PayPal as the secure payment solution on my very own Charlotte Bodybuilding and Fitness site and it works perfectly. I have had zero issues with collecting and receiving payment since adding this solution. If you would like to add PayPal to your e-commerce site, check out this link.

Charlotte Web Development and Design can help provide your business with a fully-functioning, safe and secure e-commerce solution. We know how to best position your business for success through our innovative search engine optimization, internet marketing, and web design techniques. Get found on-line today! Contact us today for more information.

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