Blogs are Great for Content

There is a Chinese Proverb that my old Kempo teacher used to repeat to novice students: “A journey of a thousand begins with just one step.” Blogging can help you transfer all of your domain knowledge to your website and attract customers!

Once you start blogging, you will start to map the knowledge that makes your business or organization special and unique. Although it sounds like a ridiculously impossible task to try and commit to paper everything that your business does, is and entails, you will be surprised at how much you can do by making a small entry on a blog regularly.

Now for a more important question, why would you want to transfer a huge amount of business knowledge to a blog?

Well, as has been previously discussed, Content is King on the internet. When you are on-line, you are looking for information. It’s the same thing with your clients. By writing engaging and informative posts, you can better reach your audience.

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