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Brendon Sinclair, that Internet Marketing genius has done it again! Brendon runs a very successful Internet Marketing business among other things on Australia’s Gold Coast. I like to keep up with his doing as he always has interesting ways of marketing on the internet that work as well in Queensland as they do in the Carolinas. After all Internet marketing in Charlotte is much the same as Internet marketing in Brisbane.

To better market his services on the web, Brendon has set up a new website for podcasts. A podcast is a new internet media technology where

But Brendon is no fool. He knows that to get the most out of any advertising venture, whether it be traditional newspaper classified ads or Internet Marketing in Charlotte, he needs to measure a return on his investment. He is using a contest where if you listen to his first 20 minute podcast and take a short survey, you are entered to win a mini iPod – one of the classiest gifts this holiday season. For a relatively small price, Brendon is able to learn what he is doing right with his new venture, what his audience expects, and what he can do better. Looking at the engineering of the site, I know he has an advanced statistics program designed to capture detailed traits and demographics of his audience. What incredible imagination! I would also bet that he is generating all sorts of improved traffic to all of his sites, because of this contest. As shrewd of an Internet Marketing practitioner he is, I would bet that he makes a net gain of many several thousands of dollars off of this contest! Amazing!

Incidentally, the site was built off of a Blogging technology called WordPress. Word Press is a clever software that allows multiple users with little to no internet experience be able to update websites on their own. As you can see, he has configured it to have a podcast as well as a calendar of events – both of which are very useful pieces of content to have if you want to encourage regular repeat visits of your audience.

Charlotte Web Development can help you run a contest, establish a poll, incorporate cutting-edge statistics, build a website with WordPress, or establish a blog, or incorporate a calendar of events into your website or any combination therein and much more! We can help you create a total advertising solution in Charlotte incorporating the latest in Internet Marketing.

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