Blogs can Earn You Money

Blogs can Earn You Money

Blogs can also generate a tremendous amount of revenue for your business. The secret to this is using a content advertisement system like Google’s AdWords.

Google AdWords works by scanning your website’s content and creating a few links that correspond to the topics on the site. On many websites you’ll see that there are some discrete ads pertaining to the subject just under the header of that page as well as inside the posts themselves. This is an example of Pay-per-click advertising.

Pay-Per-Click advertising allows webmasters to earn some revenue when a visitor clicks on a particular link on his or her web page. For example, you will notice that on the Beverly Supplements website, there are likely ads for bodybuilding equipment. That is because the content on that page is devoted solely to exercise and nutrition. If a user clicks on one of those links, my company will receive a small fee (ex. 10 cents). A few cents does not seem like a lot but for a site with a lot of traffic, over time this sum may build to something substantial. If a site received a 10 cent per click average and averaged 1000 clicks per day, this would amount to $100 per day in revenue. That is an astounding $36,500 per year simply for having a few links on your site.

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