E Commerce Done Right!

Many people try to launch e-commerce stores in pursuit of the fabled Internet Millionaire promised land. Most fail. There are many reasons for lack of success in any business but one of the most common reason web stores fail is lack of consumer confidence.

How can your instill a sense of confidence in potential customers viewing your e-commerce store? Well, payment verification goes a long way. People want to be assured that when turning over their financial information to site the transaction will be safe, secure, and protected. Think about your last on-line purchase. Did the method of payment influence your decision?

So the question remains, how do you prove that your website is safe and secure and will deliver what is promised? A great answer lies in trusted 3rd party verification. If you can get an e commerce industry leader to verify that your store is on the up and up, you will go a long way to increasing a potential customer’s confidence in your store and ultimately you will increase your sales.

Check out an example of this 3rd party verification that PayPal has issued for this site:

Official PayPal Seal

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