High Web Traffic Means Sales

High Web Traffic Means Sales

At least that’s what CNN has reported in this article on Holiday Internet sales.

The article discusses Internet giants such as Amazon and Walmart but is directly applicable to Charlotte-area businesses as well. If you have great internet traffic, you will have great sales. If your web traffic suffers, so will your business.

So, where to start?

Well, the first point might be to measure your traffic! Check your current webhost to see what your traffic is. If you do not have a statistics program to track your visitors, Charlotte Web Development can easily set you up with a low-cost monthly monitoring program that will tell you where your visitors come from (is it Google, is it the Chamber of Commerce, is it that ad you just bought?), how long they stay on your site, what they do there, which pages are the most visited, what pages visitors most often leave on (very useful in determining how to convert prospects to sales!), and even more complex criteria.

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