Earn More Money from your Web Site

Looking for an easy way to get a little more cash from your website? Try Google’s AdSense program. Basically, you dedicate a small part of your website to host ads for Google and they pay you every time someone clicks on one of the ads! Sure, they only pay you a few cents, but it adds up quickly!

Imagine you have 1000 visitors a day to your site. (If you don’t get at least 1000 visitors a day, contact Charlotte Web Design & Development right away!) Now let’s imagine that 5% of those visitors click a Google AdSense advertisement paying you $0.10 per click. That is 50 clicks at 10 cents paid per click coming out to $5 per day. Doesn’t sound like much, does it? Hey, it pays for breakfast! But that also means an extra $150 per month or and extra $1780 per year. Now we’re talking about some money! That could pay your website hosting and management fees! (Makes you rethink those $5 Starbucks breakfasts doesn’t it!)

Well, what if the cost per click was doubled? What if you doubled your traffic? What if you doubled the click through rate (the number of times your viewers clicked those ads) ? Doubling once is $300 per month, doubled twice is $600 per month, doubled three times is and incredible $1200 per month! With some relatively simple advertising included on your website you are now making enough money for your mortgage payment! Interested now?

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