Domain Name Speculation

It appears that virtual real estate is becoming as valuable as the tangible kind.

Every website owner knows the value of a short domain name. Once you start putting in odd characters, intentional mis-spellings, or extra long names, the website gets to be difficult to advertise. Also, domain names that have keywords in it often help you with your search rankings.

Adding to the value of domain names is the fact that people often enter the domain name of a subject instead of searching. For example, some one looking for cancer information might just type in the name and be brought to the American Cancer Society’s website.

Here comes a new twist. People are capitalizing off of these names, often to the tune of millions of dollars. How do they do it? Well, there are 3 easy steps.

1. Register an easily recognizable domain name.
2. Put a little content on it.
3. Ad contextual advertising like Google’s AdSense which leads to a tremendous revenue stream.

Then sit back and wait for the clicks.

Effective? Yes.

Ethical? I am not so sure.

Check out this article by Business 2.0 for more information.

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