Web Design Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

While attending the Lake Wylie Chamber of Commerce After Hours event last week, I was asked if it was necessarily expensive to build a great website. To reiterate my answer, no, a website does not need to be expensive. All it needs to do is generate a Return on your Investment.

My personal view of websites are that they are both a marketing tool and an asset. As an important means of marketing, you need a Return on your Investment and your website needs to generate many more times its costs in revenues for you. The Website is an asset as real as speakers, a turntable, lighting or many other essential piece of equipment may be for a DJ or Party Events business. Like those other assets, it can be assembled in components to suit your business’s individual needs. However, also like those other assets, Quality Counts.

For example, I own a home entertainment system. It is an out of the box solution that cost me around $600. It’s pretty serviceable. I can watch Gladiator and enjoy it. I bought that system because it was what I could afford at the time. My brother took a different approach. He went out and bought a $600 amplifier. He didn’t even have a stereo, dvd player or event speakers to hook up to it! Later over the next two years he bought other top-of-the-line components including great speakers, a massive subwoofer, and one of the biggest TVs I have ever seen. When we watch football in his living room on digital cable, I swear that I think I am in the game! Naturally, being the envious brother, I wanted the same for my house. Unfortunately, there is a limit to what I can do with my system. Although it serves me well and achieved my intended goal, it never realized my unintended goals.

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