Why Charlotte Web Development and not Charlotte Web Design?

Charlotte Web Design & Development

Recently I was asked why our company name is Charlotte Web Design & Development instead of something snappy – like something out of Office Space, say some concatenation of terms like ‘info’ ‘soft’ ‘sys’ ‘tech, tek, tec’ etc or something more focused on building web sites.

There are many answers to that question. The purest answer is that we chose Charlotte Web Design & Development because we do more than just build websites. What we do at Charlotte Web Design & Development is help build businesses.

A website, whether it is in Charlotte, Lake Wylie, Rock Hill or any place else in the world needs more to be successful than a simple design. For a site to be successful, people need to go to it. For people to go to it, they need to first hear about it, try it out, like what they find there, be able to use what they find there – be it product or service information or just entertainment – and then they need to find it so compelling that they tell everyone they know about it and come back again and again.

Basically, for a website to be successful, your business must establish a rapport, a relationship with the visitor. That’s what we at Charlotte Web Design & Development do to. We develop a relationship with your business. We learn your business, we get into the details, we work hard to understand what your company does. We identify the value you bring to the table, and then we tell the world about it.

If you’re looking for a few quick pages to be put on the web with your name on it, we are happy to do that for you. Charlotte Web Design & Development has an excellent and technically adept staff ready to design or build whatever you require. Where we really excell is in the development of your business using the latest and most advanced technologies and techniques.

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