Search Engine Optimization – for $2.99!

Last week I met with a potential client to discuss his website. He had a problem. No one was visiting his site. No one. Why? Well, most of the problem was that no one could find his site. It didn’t appear in any page of any search result in any search engine.

We were able to make one small suggestion that dramatically increased his rankings. He went from not being indexed on Google at all to debuting at #6! That’s incredible! Can you imagine the traffic his website is getting now?

How did we do it? Well, we met with him for an hour initial consultation. Then we met with him again for 2 more hours of consultation where we presented him a list of options of escalating costs – the first one an option that he could do himself costing only $2.99. As customers had been scarce of late, he chose to start with that option and implement our other solutions later.

The results? In one week’s time his Lake Wylie web site is appearing in the #6 slot of Google’s search results. That’s amazing!

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