Where the Fish Are

Where the Fish Are

As with many fathers and sons, fishing has become an important bonding ritual. My father spent a great deal of time as a boy fishing in the lakes, streams, bays, and oceans of Long Island. Each year we go out together to try our luck.

The thing is, we’re not much when it comes to being Fishermen. We have tried to fish in the great unpolluted lakes of Minnesota, Canada, Montana, Maine and the rest. We never have much luck though we spend thousands in travel, airfare, apparel, equipment, etc. We only tend to catch a decent amount of fish when we are on the Great South Bay.

While I was in college, I managed to save up enough of my Internship money one summer to buy a small boat. The name was ‘Good Enuff.’ Very appropriate I thought. For weeks that summer we tried fishing in a bunch of novel places – places away from the big, loud, expensive charter boats crammed with Boy Scouts, retirees, and drunks playing hooky from work. No need for that garbage! We had our own boat! We were going to go where the big boys couldn’t. A funny thing happened though. We caught no fish.

One weekend we got a tip from our neighbor, a NY city Fireman who had this beautiful fishing boat and came home after each trip with enough fish to feed our entire block for a month. He told us the secret: Go to the East side of the Robert Moses bridge, wait for the tide to go out, then drift and fish. We were skeptical. We had been on that trip before – that’s where all the loudmouths on the charter boats were!

Anyway, a few weeks after not catching anything we took his advice. Not surprisingly we caught our share of fish! The next weekend I went to visit him to thank him (and get more advice!) and I asked him why it worked. I was expecting a complicated answer about the tide mixing up the food on the bottom or something about the diurnal clock of the fish or ambient light or whatever. His answer was simple: ‘It’s where the fish are.’

Sure enough, if you want to catch a lot of fish, go fish where the fish are. When I created an account on MySpace this week I saw that they had some 77 million users. That’s a lot of users. Most of them are between the ages of 15 and 30. All I could think of was ‘That’s where the fish are.’

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Fishing analogy is good.


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