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Do you have a certain website that you visit often? How about a website you like to buy from a lot? Chances are that website has a few, if not all, of these key features:

  1. Fresh, engaging, and exciting content. Who wants to return to a website that never changes? Why would you? Charlotte Web Design & Development can keep your website fresh and up-to-date so visitors come back often and tell their friends!
  2. Personalized. Does the website remember who you are? Are you more likely to buy from a company who invested in the technology to make shopping easier for you or not?
  3. Updates you about its changes. Do you receive any newsletters from websites? If your favorite site emailed you when it had interesting articles that you would like to read posted, would you go visit it?
  4. Reliable. Would you keep visiting a website that was often broken?

Charlotte Web Design & Development can help in all 4 areas by providing:

  1. Monthly, weekly, or even daily site maintaining so your visitors are always getting the freshest, most recent content and have a reason to come back…and send your link to their friends!
  2. Newsletters. There is no better way to get audiences to return to your site than the 1-2 punch of having great content and keeping visitors up-to-date about it.
  3. Statistics. The more you know about your audience, the better you can make your site. Also, a website is an investment and you must measure your return upon it. How great would it be if you knew how many visitors came to your site, where they came from, how well other advertising strategies were working, what pages they visited most, and even more.
  4. Hosting. We can host your website, register domain names, set up email accounts and much more.

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