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The following was submitted for publication with the Lake Wylie Pilot.

Shine On Custom Mobile Auto Detailing website a great success.

Lake Wylie – Shine On Custom Mobile Auto Detailing launched their website last month to great success. The new website is turning around months of inactivity and recouping hundreds of lost dollars.

Tom Korkoske, the owner of Shine On, originally hired a fellow mobile detailer he met at a trade show to develop a website for him. Several months and several hundred dollars later, he had nothing to show for it. His website had attracted no new visitors, was not listed in any search engines, and had not earned him a single dollar in referrals.

Last month he contracted Charlotte Web Design & Development to turn his company’s website around. Korkoske was not prepared for how quickly it would happen. Within a short period of time his website was fully updated and coming up first in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

Here’s how we did it:

1. We Redesigned his Website. Tom had paid a guy several hundred dollars to build a website. Well, the site looked awful. It wasn’t usable. It made no sense. It looked like a kindergardener built it. We gave the site a fresh look and feel with vibrant colors and many new pictures. We also contracted a usability study on the site to make sure it was user-friendly.

2. We Optimized his Web Site for Search engines. We rebuilt the architecture of the entire site to be search engine friendly. After adding some engaging and relevant content, we updated the underlying code of the site so search engines like Google would be able to rate it higher.

3. We started Publicizing the Website. We found ways for Tom to advertise his business…and the website. Once people were able to go to a website to learn more about what Tom could do, the orders started coming in.

4. We fixed the security. The guy who cobbled Tom’s original site together didn’t know what he was doing and left a major security hole in the code that could have allowed people to learn his credit card information. We fixed that. Then we changed the passwords on his internet accounts to stop anybody from possibly gaining access.

5. We installed Statistics. Well, actually, the site already had a statistics program hooked up. Unfortunately, Tom didn’t know it and apparently neither did the first guy he hired. So we re-established the software connections and taught Tom how to see who was visiting his site and what they were doing. Now Tom can see a concrete report on who was visiting his site. Oh, just For Your Information, in the previous six months no one was visiting his site. Today it’s a popular place!

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