Yahoo! teams up with EBay for search advertisements

Yahoo! teams up with EBay for search advertisements

CNET has a great article on Yahoo! teaming up with Ebay. In this deal Yahoo! will supply E-Bay with graphical advertisements. In fact, Yahoo! will be the exclusive provider of all of Ebay’s graphical advertisements. I wonder how Google feels about this!

The deal doesn’t stop there. Yahoo! is integrating PayPal into all of their commercial activities too. Now Yahoo! customers will be able to pay for services with PayPal accounts…not to mention that the web services like e-commerce, etc will become coupled with PayPal.

I wonder what Google’s business plan is for PayPal? Will they buy them out or create their own new service. Or will they simply create a partnership? All I know is that PayPal is quickly becoming the on-line standard for shopping, payment, and cash flow management.

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