Process of Charlotte Web Design & Development

Process of Charlotte Web Design & Development

How We Do It: Unfortunately, a lot of Charlotte web site design companies are married to a particular way of doing business. They recommend the same kind of system or technology for all of their clients.

At Charlotte Web Development we think that’s about as silly as hiring a contractor who only knows how to use a hammer….that may be great when you need to nail something, but utterly useless when it comes to other tasks. When you contact Charlotte Web Design, we start our proven web site success process. We learn about your company’s needs and your vision. We craft a design blueprint and a detailed free estimate customized to your business goasl. We agree on a course of action and build your site on our servers – away from the prying eyes of the world…and your competition! We review our work with you and publish your new site on the world wide web!

Here are the 4 Steps you need to take to get your site on the web quickly.

  1. Choose an available name.
  2. Select a hosting package.
  3. Decide how many pages you want, what you want them to say, the pictures you would like on them and send it all to us.
  4. Review and Approve our work.

Charlotte Web Design & Development is available to guide you through every step of the way. It’s not unreasonable to have your site up and running within a week. Of course, timelines are dependent upon the complexity of the project as well as your ability to review our work.

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