How to Get Organic Search Results

How to Get Organic Search Results

People spend a lot of time, money, and effort on advertising their business. This is especially true for Realtors. Today, the Realtor magazine ran an article about profiting from Organic Web Search Placement. You can read it here.

I had a point of contention with this article and submitted the following letter. I thought it might be useful for this audience so I am pasting it here.

Bernice, You have some great advice for your readers concerning the value of achieving great ROI on organic links. I am afraid you may have sent some mixed signals.

Simply adding keywords to a page simply will not do much at all to raise the profile of a website. In fact, many search engines penalize those sites that artificially pump up the number of keywords in a site.

There are 3 primary factors that govern organic search engine results:

  1. Link Popularity and Context (how many other sites link to your site with what words).
  2. Design & Engineering (some technologies are ill-suited for search engine indexing).
  3. Fresh, Contextual Content (active engaging content gives engines more pages to index and attracts more links to your site while keeping users coming back for more and bringing their friends!).

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