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Last night I had the opportunity to meet with a successful owner of a multi-million dollar business who already had a beautiful and professionally-designed website. Most of his sales leads come from his site.

Why would he meet with Charlotte Web Design & Development if the company was so successful you ask? Simple.

He wants to make more money!

The owner is on his second iteration of a website and his second firm. Although his site is beautiful, he knows it is not functional. No one can find him in a search engine. Of the number of people who visit his site, he suspects he converts a very low percentage of them. He doesn’t know of course because no statistics are kept. This isn’t a disparaging remark on the man. I found him to be very smart and very well informed – you have to be if you are the owner and leader of a multimillion dollar business. It is just that his previous website designers sold him a very pretty, and very useless site.

Your website is a tool to get you more business, not an end unto itself. Contact us today to start making money from your website.

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