Search Engine Ranking Factors

By far the most common question I get is ‘How do I get a high ranking in Google?’

This isn’t surprising given that a high Search Engine Ranking in Google or Yahoo! will guarantee you an exceptional number of visitors (and business) for the right keywords.

There are 3 items I look at:

Search Engine Ranking Factors

  1. Quality Content: Google is designed to give you the best content out there. So give Google the best content! If you have great content, the search engines and the internet surfing public will reward you!
  2. Quality Site: Once you have all that great content, you need to have an intelligently – architected website that best presents that content to your viewers and the Search Engines simultaneously. Remember, Spiders (automated computer programs that troll the internet for Search Engines) see web pages differently than you or I do.
  3. Quality Links: Remember how your Mom told you that you would be judged by the quality of the company you keep? Search engines grade you on the quality of links coming to your site from other people’s sites as well as the kinds of sites you link to. Be sure to cultivate both.

With that in mind, here is a great (if a bit dated) article on the prime Search Engine Ranking Factors by some of the industry’s best minds.

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