Small Business and Google Advertising

Small Business and Google Advertising

CNN has a great article on how Google allows business consultant Kamau Autstin to work from home.

Kamau runs several websites. 28 in fact. On each site he runs Google AdWords to present his users with advertisements. Each time a viewer clicks on a Google Advertisement he is paid a percentage of the cost.

Businesses use Google AdWords to compete on a level playing field with the big boys. Webmasters use Google AdSense to display relevant advertisements on their sites. I personally like this service because you are only paying for what gets used for a prequalified audience. You see, unlike TV or radio ads that spam millions of people in the hopes of attracting the subset of people who might actually use the service.

The process starts when a business owner creates a Google AdWords advertisement where they select the terms that the user will see the advertisement on (ie. Geographical location, time, keywords or phrases, language.) These ads can be displayed on Google’s Search page or on websites using AdSense. Every time a user goes to a site with AdSense, an advertisement is displayed that is based off of the theme of that site and more specifically that page. For instance, if a site is about bananas, the ads will all be about bananas.

What is great about this is that the advertiser knows that you are already interested in the topic (you are after all visiting a site about bananas!) and you are much more likely to click on it. The business paying for the advertisement likes it because the traffic is prequalified. They know that everyone who clicks on the advertisement likes bananas!

If you’re not using Google AdWords and/or Google AdSense, you’re bananas!!

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