Charlotte Company Born from Website Suggestion

Charlotte Company Born from Website Suggestion

I love the internet. I love how it has flattened our world and takes those old suggestions that used to slip between the cracks and turn them into life-changing businesses.

OK, that sounds a little abstract. Let’s put this into focus. Today, the Charlotte Business Journal has an article about Daniel Cedrone’s (pictured) company Poly-Tech Industries. Inside it details how Mr. Cedrone answered a question submitted to his company’s website and turned it into a live-saving medical device and a business coup.

Let’s not forget the downstream effects of this process. In addition to boosting Poly-Tech’s bottom line and forcing it to move to a newer bigger building while adding new hires, this new product has forced his supplier, Composite Resources in Rock Hill, South Carolina to double in size! I challenge you to read this article and not be impressed!

There are many objective lessons to be learned here. One is to never underestimate what your customers are telling you. Does your company have a good process for interacting with your customers? I’m sure Mr. Cedrone would tell you it is well-worth the investment.

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