Ebay goes Google for International Advertising

Ebay goes Google for International Advertising

An interesting article this morning on CNN about Google and Ebay. Ebay has entered into an agreement with Google to supply its text ads displayed overseas. What makes this intriguing is that just last May, Ebay had struck a similar deal with Yahoo! In May Ebay agreed to make Yahoo! it’s exclusive supplier of all of its US graphical-based ads.

Google Ads
These ads are those that are displayed on EBay. One very interesting innovation that Google is sponsoring is a click-to-call functionality. Here, a user could click a link (an ad supplied by Google) and the service would link customers to a company’s call center.

Important Google & Yahoo! Advertising Takeaways:

  1. Start using Google AdWords to advertise your business. Let’s face it, Google can make or break your business.
  2. Think about using Google AdSense to display advertisements. Ebay is one of the most successful on-line companies ever. If they are turning to Google & Yahoo! advertising in the cases that their products don’t meet their viewers needs. It could be a major new source of revenue for your company.
  3. Focus on Organic Search Engine Growth. While paying for advertising on search engines like Google and Yahoo! is here to stay, your company should also focus on building its organic results – those search results that appear on quality, not paid placement. Free is great!

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