YouTube, Your Business and the Wall Street Journal

The invention of the Web Browser ushered in a whole new dimension for business. I’m sure you’re well aware of this and there is no need to rehash it here. What I am wondering is ‘Are we ready for yet another seachange?’

Online Video – YouTube style.

Today Lee Gomes from the Wall Street Journal published and article on the social dimensions of YouTube. A fascinating read for those of us who thought that the on-line video archive was just another way for our friends and family to stuff our email boxes full. But there is a corporate angle.

Check out this quote from Mr. Gomes:

“The most devoted uploader is Christy Leigh Stewart, a 21-year-old college student who lives near Modesto, Calif., and who has so far uploaded nearly 2,000 videos. Nearly all involve Korean pop music, a passion of Ms. Stewart. Indeed, she says the main reason she spends too much time with YouTube is to drive traffic to, a Korean-oriented Web site she runs with her friend Megan Hansen.”

Could adding video to your site help your business? Let us know. We can help.

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