How Google can Break your Business

How Google Can Break Your Business

Fortune Small Business has a great article today on How Google can Make or Break your Business.

It details how important organic Google search results (having a high placement in unpaid search results) to a thriving business.

While describing the sea change that occured for one software vendor who previously had high organic search results, they used the following analogy: It’s like owning a shop on a busy street corner where all the pedestrians suddenly and mysteriously vanish.

I’m sure many Charlotte-area business that have had to deal with the perpetual traffic construction here understand this all too well.

But it isn’t all gloom and doom. Google can help you create a viable business in a niche you never knew existed. This article also speaks about how a small business created a $1 million per year revenue stream for Shark Diving. Think about how esoteric shark diving is! If they can do it, so can you.

Three Tips to Getting your Small Business on Google.

  1. Have Great Content. Google is built by the finest minds to return the best content. Make your site have the best content it can!
  2. Have Great Construction. All website design is not equal. Make sure you hire a web designer with the knowledge of what technologies a search engine can see.
  3. Have Great Context. Your website does not exist in a vacuum! Make sure you are actively building incoming links from other sites through out the web.

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