September 11, Eloquently

September 11, Eloquently

I manage a blog for my father, Henry W. Hessing. He’s a prolific writer and I created the space to capture the many articles and editorials he writes through out the year. It’s a great scrapbook.

As a small child adventuring in my Grandmother’s house, I remember coming across a treasure trove of letters Dad had written while he was serving in Vietnam. My grandmother is the sentimental sort. OK, well, others call her a packrat. She had said that she held on to those letters as a matter of family history. I am reminded of the personal letters written and preserved that now appear to color History Channel presentations. Hopefully my father’s blog will act as its own kind of historical preserve. I also hope you enjoy his latest article on 9/11 from the perspective of a veteran whose office was obliterated 5 years ago.

Enjoy the September 11th article in the un-quenched spirit of the Freedom of Speech, a freedom those monsters sought to end.

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