Those stupid mailing labels.

Rachel Weingarten of the fashion PR consultancy, GTK Marketing Group had a great article today in Forbes Small Business on the bane of my direct mail marketing existence: mailing lables.

She reviews the LabelWriter Twin Turbo, and as the subheader states it “tries – but fails – to take the hassle out of mailings.”

Personally, I can’t stand direct mailings. Those labels are an exercise in frustration, postage is excessive, and I never know if people ever read the mailers or if they go straight into the trash.

I guess that’s why I moved to email marketing. When I send an email marketing campaign I know several things:

  1. The mail got there. Everyone on my mailing list is double-opt in. That basically means that they wanted my email, they provided me the correct address, and I am not sending spam so they will most likely read the email.
  2. I know exactly whom opened each email. My emailing software lets me know exactly whom opened my email and who didn’t. I get to measure the return on my investment very easily.
  3. I direct traffic to my website (and customers to my company.) In my emails I reference articles on my website through brief paragraphs. I also use specific software that lets me track exactly who went to see which articles. That way I can customize my communication with that particular person. It’s a win-win as I only send them information they want to receive!
  4. I can attach coupons. Emailing coupons is a great way to generate business. An added plus is that you are not paying for the printing!
  5. It’s environmentally friendly. There is no paper waste, no chemicals used, and no trees slaughtered for me to market electronically!

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