Pillsbury Dough boy and your Brand Identity

Forbes Small Business had a great article today titled How the Pillsbury doughboy explains what you buy. It focuses on how a particular advertising firm creates likeable personas around what it calls the ‘truth and conflict’ of a particular brand. It was interesting to get some of the back story to why a few famous brands changed their approached, altered, enhanced, or developed new avatars to promote their business, and some of the results.

I am always amazed at the psychology of why we buy what we buy. The more research I do, be it anecdotal, reference, or otherwise it seems that purchasing decisions are made by and large on emotional commitments.

Here’s an exercise: Review your last 10 purchases and dig into why you really bought them. Were they a necessity or a frill? Why did you choose Brand A over Brand B?

Now, here’s a more interesting option; Figure out why your last 10 customers chose your company. Or, even more illuminating, why did they choose your competitors?

Branding is an important part of your business strategy. A top-notch website can help you with this.

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