AOL… You’ve got SEO!

This is old news, but an important lesson. Last August, AOL released data from the searched of 650,000 of its customers. Lee Gomes, an analyst from the Wall Street Journal had this to say: (you can read the entire article here.)

For those searchers who did click on something, in 42% of the time, they clicked on the first link presented to them. That factoid explains why Web sites spend so much money boosting their search-engine rankings.

Impressive data there.  Here are the takeaways:

  • HTML Descriptions, Headlines, and first sentences – the data most often returned in search results – is very important as 47% of all searchers didn’t click on any results. Maybe they found the information inside those first few words, maybe they didn’t like the results and refined their search? Either way, a good first impression is priceless.
  • If you can reach the # 1 spot for your search term, you can reach 42% of your intended audience that actually selects any results at all. 
  • Many queries were natural language types in the “How to” mold. Achieving high rankings for these terms may be extremely profitable.

Today we covered some important statistics for natural or organic search engine rankings. Tomorrow we will cover how to select targeted keywords for the best ROI on organic Search Engine Optimization.

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