Google likes me, it really likes me!

We all know how successful Google and other search engines have been referring traffic to websites. Being listed at the top of Google’s rankings for a competitive term is like being mentioned on Oprah during the Christmas buying season. Such an achievement can catapult your business from struggling to wild success overnight.

But what if Google doesn’t even know your name? A thoughtful reader realized that one key to Google success is to have the right kind of design in place so all of her wonderful content can be indexed. How does one let Google know about these changes? (Answer: through their spider-ing mechanism – the changes will be registered when it visits.) OK, on to the next and more complex issue:

Is there a way to get Google or Yahoo to re-cache me or do I just have to wait?

In short, Search Engines like Google and Yahoo crawl the Internet constantly searching for the best content to offer in their SER’s or Search Engine Results. In this, they use a form of algorithm entitled the Random Walk or more colloquially, The Wandering Drunk to span the web. (With a name like that, how can you not be interested?)

After the Spiders (automated web crawlers) are unleashed to update huge databases, they follow a set of criteria to determine when to come back again. As you might expect, this is largely based upon how much a website’s content changes. This excerpt from Wikipedia puts it best:

Proportional policy: This involves re-visiting more often the pages that change more frequently. The visiting frequency is directly proportional to the (estimated) change frequency.

What this tells us is that the more frequently we change our pages, the greater likelihood search engines like Google and Yahoo! will make a note to come back and check the site again. This is analogous to how you might surf the web yourself.

For example, how often do you check your favorite website? I read a host of sites every day because I know there will be at least one new topic. There are a few I check every month because I know that is their publishing cycle. During football season, I check the ESPN every day to see how the Carolina Panthers are doing!


If you want Search Engines to re-cache your page more often, you need more unique, relevant content as often as possible.

In addition to that I suggest the following tips:

  1. Submit your site to Google and Yahoo for general indexing.
  2. Implement SiteMaps architecture and submit them to the big two.
  3. Use a Content Management System to easily publish and update content on the fly.
  4. Use RSS and Blogging technology to add fresh content regularly.

If you need any help implementing any of the above strategies, please contact us immediately . We will be glad to help.

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