The greatest web design April Fools joke ever!

This one is absolutely classic! Google, known for their tongue-in-cheek corporate culture, has played an absolutely awesome April Fools joke on everyone. Want in on the joke that everyone’s going to be talking about?Google TiSP Kit

Check out Google’s home page. You will see an offer for Google TiSP as it is being released in Beta. Click on that link.Google TiSP

You will now see an offer for Internet Service provided through your toilet!

Google TiSP

They even include the following distribution system:

TISP Diagram

I have included all of these pictures as I do not expect them to be up on Google for much longer. Humor is only a secondary point. Think about how much press this will get when the American Press cycle starts again Monday morning. I bet everyone sitting in their cubicles will be emailing news about this story for days to come. I bet next March people will start talking about it again. What an amazing marketing idea by Google!

So, we are not all Google but we can all do great or outrageous things to get our business noticed. Brendon Sinclair, a web designer in Brisbane Australia – and a great marketer to boot – has a fantastic article on getting free publicity here. Inside the article he discusses some of Richard Branson’s promotional efforts as well as a few of his own. Definitely a worthy read.

Brendon himself owns Tailored Consulting and has generated tremendous PR for both himself and a great cause through his efforts to raise money for homeless children through a 1,000 KM Bike ride. Talk about a win-win! He helps a great cause, provided inspiration to his children, associates, and other business leaders, and gets great exposure as an all-around nice guy and community leader!

What can you do to get your business noticed? What can you do to make your community better? After having a good laugh at Google’s prank, spend some time thinking about such win-win situations. Your business will be the better for it in many levels.

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erinpayton April 3, 2007 at 8:31 am

And check out this one as well:

Recycling is encouraged! Genius.


Charlotte Web Development December 28, 2011 at 11:06 am

Nice, Erin!


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