SEO & Link Exchange Programs

SEO & Link Exchange Programs

Organic Search Listings are to your business as Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is to Major League Baseball’s Home Run Record. Appearing #1 in Google or Yahoo! are great ways to attract a ton of attention… and by corollary, generate a lot of sales.

Would you like an extra 2000 sales per month?

For example, if you appear well in Search Listing for a popular term, you will receive a lot of traffic. Studies differ in this but the last I read some 80% of searchers click on one of the first 3 links they are presented with. Let’s say you get the first listing for a term that has 100,000 searches a month. Let’s now assume that 40% click on your link and go to your site. That would amount to 40,000 site visits per month. If you converted 5% of those visitors you would make 2000 sales per month!

Organic Search Engine Rankings are a function of your site’s design, it’s content, how many other sites link to it, and how authoritative of a resource your site is.

Since links to your site are so important an astute reader concerned with making of the site asked about if link exchanges with directories are a worthwhile investment of time and resources. In her words:

What about link exchange programs with directories — like Linketeria for example. Does this really help me?

Well, this is a complicated question. But hey, my job is to make this complicated stuff simple! Here are some of my quick thoughts:

  • You need links in. Any kind of non-scheming links are better than none. Links involving click fraud, some paid inclusion, and other Black Hat SEO may encourage Search Engines to penalize you or even de-list your site.
  • The best kind of links are the ones having to do with your topic. Ex. The best links I could ever get would be from other website designers….I know, this is tricky! (Any website designers out there that want to link to me?)
  • The value of a link to your site is a function of how well that site ranks, how well it relates to your keywords, how the link is made and how selective a place is in giving out links. Ex. A link off of the homepage of Google’s webmaster resources (highly targeted, very trusted site that rarely links to others) would be the holy grail for me.
  • Don’t forget that links to your site are for people as well as SE’s! You are only targeting the SEs to get you people! If I had a link off of a small business site that had awesome traffic of people who wanted my services, who cares what Google thinks of it? That link would drive a ton of traffic to my site! Search Engine listings be dammed!

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