Charlotte's Best Web Optimization Company

Charlotte’s Best Web Optimization Company

Web Optimization in CharlotteI wouldn’t ever hire an out of shape personal trainer. I will never use a bald hairstylist (mostly because I am similarly follicularly-challenged!). And we have all heard the one about the kind of food a skinny chef makes! So why would I expect people to hire my Charlotte website design company to help their company get great Organic Search Results?

The truth is, I don’t. I just got a call today from a company that wants us to get them to the first page of Google for some very competitive keywords. Well, we accepted the job and we’re going to it!

Why select us for Organic Search Engine Results?

Well, it’s like I said about the skinny chef and fat personal trainer. The CEO of this Charlotte company used a search engine with the phrase “Web Optimization Charlotte” and found us on at number one! In his words “If you can get to number one in search results for your field, I bet you can get to number one in mine!” I couldn’t say it better myself!

The Truth About Organic Listings

The truth is that absolutely nobody can guarantee you great Organic Search results. Those listings you see on the natural, not-advertisement parts of Google, Yahoo, and others are closely-guarded secrets based off of very complex algorithms.

Another truth is that my company, Charlotte Web Development, doesn’t have the pole position in every category a customer might search under. The important part is that we have several and companies call us all the time to help them out. And we do.

Time to Eat our own Cooking

While researching for our new client, I checked this website’s PageRank. Check your website’s rank here. PageRank is a great litmus test of how popular your website is with search engines. It used to be a 5! which is phenomenal for a services company like mine. Sadly, now it is a lowly 3!

Well, no more of being a 3! I am having a contest with myself to see how long it will take to get back to 5! I will be tracking my results weekly and giving you hints on how to make your site more popular as well!

Wish me luck! Here is an icon that displays the real time PageRank of this webpage – slightly different than the overall Charlotte Web Development website.

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