No Spam, Please. Or 'How to Make Sure I Link to Your Website.'

No Spam, Please. Or ‘How to Make Sure I Link to Your Website.’

No Spam PleaseIn my previous post ‘How to easily build traffic for your website’ I mentioned that a great free way to build links is to comment on other people’s blogs. I won’t lie, I specifically want you to comment on my blog! However, there are a few rules out there that must be followed.

As I mentioned in my post The Only Way to Build a Better Business, I love feedback. Unfortunately not all feedback is created equal. There are hundreds of people visiting this site every day. Everyday I get many, many comments left. There are so many comments that I had to put a process in where I moderate each and every post before it goes live on my website. That got to be too cumbersome so I installed an automatic system that filters out spam. Things were looking great for a while.

Even the best software isn’t perfect

The problem comes when a few honest commenters get trapped by my automatic spam filter. You see, there are a lot of dishonest people posting comments with links in them back to sites I do not want showing up on my site (ex. Multi-Level Marketing, Pornography, Gambling, etc.) There are also a lot of lazy webmasters that have built automatic software to leave generic comments on sites like mine that have no relevance to the actual post. Their hope is to create a lot of incoming links to their site to boost their popularity. These traditionally are sites that have a lot of advertising on them in industries such as (Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, Mortgages, Real Estate, etc).

What if a Legitimate Commenter gets Blocked?

Well, I certainly don’t want that. I very much welcome honest posters from all over. Just follow these two easy checklists when posting.

What Not to Post

  • Links to Pornography, Gambling, etc – I will never allow that garbage on my site.
  • Titles that make no sense – If my post is about web design, your title should be something in that category or a question, not something like ‘Zero Downpayments.’
  • Generic Comments – The comment area of a blog is for useful discussion. While I love comments saying ‘Great site’ or ‘Thanks’, they may get filtered as spam. Take just a second to make a point on why you liked the article or how it helped or even a question or argument against what I wrote. That would be great dialogue!

What To Write as a Comment

  • Questions about the article.
  • Questions about the site.
  • How an article helped you.
  • Other articles that complement or disagree with the one I wrote.

These are my rules and are the rules of most other competent webmasters. Follow these rules here and your comments will always go through. As a bonus, I have been known to link to sites of especially good commenters – Like Thomas Korkoske’s Charlotte Auto Detailing website.

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