Breasts Designed for Great Marketing

Save the TaTas!I saw this great magnet on the back of a typical soccer mom minivan the other day. I was at the intersection of South blvd and Tyvola in Charlotte It was a pink ribbon denoting Breast Cancer awareness. The remarkable thing was the phrase:

Save the TaTas!

Save the TaTas is a very clever phrase by a t shirt company that sells items with various phrases emblazoned on and gives 5% to Breast Cancer Research.

Their purpose is:

“…to celebrate the varied beauty of women through playful expressive clothing and accessories. We believe all people are uniquely designed by God and should feel comfortable, valuable and beautiful as they are.”

It is noble that the folks at Save the Tatas are donating some of their proceeds to charity. It’s also great that they have generated a huge buzz and are creating awareness. Let’s not also forget they are creating jobs for people who create T shirts, shippers who make boxes, the Postal Service, and lowly Website Designers. My point isn’t that money is going to a company, not directly to an institute like the American Cancer Society. My point is This is Absolutely Great Marketing!

Let’s review what the marketing accomplished:

Ok, Now let’s look at how the marketing was accomplished:

  • One clever phrase.
  • Applied to a cause that tugs at our heart strings.
  • Consumers believe they are contributing to a greater good.
  • Positive publicity as the media senses an altruistic bend to a story might add readership.
  • Word of mouth.
  • The product is actually the advertisement.

I do not espouse setting up a company for every clever slogan you can think of. I am most certainly against profiteering against illness – the day we think “Jeez, just another Breast Cancer Awareness shirt money-making scheme” we will have all lost something.

What I do support is making a difference. If you can make a difference in the community, to your business, and to your own pocketbook through creative marketing, that is a great thing.

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