Mapping Your Way to Web Site Search Engine Optimization

Mapping Your Way to Web Site Search Engine Optimization

Is your website off the map? Do Google, Yahoo, and MSN even know about it? Well, there’s a really easy way for you to let the big 3 search engines know everything there is to know about your website. It’s called a sitemap and it can make you a lot of money.

In this context, a sitemap is an xml file that lists every single page of your site that you would like a search engine to follow. This makes it very easy for a search engine to index each and every page of your site once your list is correctly formatted. Currently Google, Yahoo, and Bing all accept sitemap submissions of your site if they follow the SiteMap Protocol.

Why Your Site Needs a Sitemap:

  1. Sitemaps tell search engines like Google every detail about every page on your site.
  2. Once a search engine has your sitemap, every page can be indexed.
  3. Much easier to get great organic search engine results when the search engines know each page.
  4. Organic Search Engine results = more visits to your site.
  5. More visits to your site = more revenue for your business!
  6. Organic search engine results are free! Zero cost marketing!
  7. More of your site will show up in searches. Not just your front page! Customers will know about all of your services!
World MapSiteMaps can make your website easier for Google to index.

Who Cannot have a Sitemap?

  1. Flash – based websites cannot have sitemaps. This is one reason we never develop our websites in Flash.
  2. Some Database sites cannot have sitemaps. Check with your web site developer.

How to Create a Sitemap:

  1. One time, Manually. Follow the protocol at
  2. Onetime, Automatically. Use a Free SiteMap Tool.
  3. Follow these steps on automating your Google updates.

After Your Sitemap is created:

The Best Way to Use Sitemaps:

The best way is to have a utility that automatically creates a sitemap for you each time you add a new page to your site. Some CMS or Content Management Systems allow you to do this. We build some of the best. If you would like a site that automatically tells Google and Yahoo when your site has been updated, contact us!

Any questions on how Sitemaps can help your website, please let us know in the comments below!

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