Website Design Lessons from a Charlotte Bar

Website Design Lessons from a Charlotte Bar

Website design is not trivial.Want more satisfied customers for your business? Want great word-of-mouth referrals and sales? Sure you do! Well then apply these lessons I discovered playing trivia at one of my favorite Charlotte neighborhood bar and grills.

Most Wednesdays I go to the Dilworth Neighborhood Grill in Charlotte, North Carolinato play trivia. It’s a good time with good friends – we’re all nerds (Website Designer, Fraud Analyst, 2 Librarians, and an Interior Designer) and this is a good way to blow off some steam with friendly academic competition.

Last week I started wondering about how it all got started and realized it was a great object lesson in website design. Allow me to explain.

Design Your Website to Attract a Neglected Audience.

We got started going to trivia last year. I wanted to play trivia on my birthday and the librarians found a central spot to all of us to meet at. Being workaholics and coming from all parts of town, we were a neglected audience of this bar. Note: Librarians tend to read books on Wednesday nights, not drive out of their way to hoist a few pints. Could your website help you sell to an audience you do not traditionally get?

Develop Content to Keep Your Customers there.

Trivia keeps us at the bar for hours. We order all sorts of things while we’re there for a few hours. Does your website have a reason for people to stay once they are there?

Create a Reason in the Web Site Design to Return.

We keep coming back because trivia is different each week. Also, if we win a round, which we usually do, we get 2 free beers! If we win the entire thing, we get a $20 certificate off our next purchase!

Do Site Visitors Tell Their Friends About Your Site?

Our team has its regulars and a bunch of other friends float in and out. We are always inviting people out. Once people come for trivia they tend to return at other times for various reasons on their own. Does your website encourage repeat visits? Is there a way for your usual clients refer friends?

Try out a couple of these tips and see if you can create new revenue sources. Remember, you can always contact Charlotte Web Development to help you out!

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