Realtors to Grant MLS Access … Finally

Realtors have so far been able to avoid the Internet Age fate of travel agents, Blockbuster, and others but not for much longer. Today the Justice Department forced on-line access to Realtor’s prized possession – the Multiple Listing Service or MLS. Now, Realtors will stop blocking access to web listings of houses for sale.

The DOJ’s statement included this brilliant clip:

“When there is unfettered competition from brokers with innovative and efficient approaches to the residential real estate market, consumers are likely to receive better services and pay lower commission rates.

While this may matter to you as a consumer, it certainly matters to you as a business owner. Last year the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission released a report that, according to the NY Times, ‘found that more consumers use the Web when house hunting than rely on ‘For Sale’ yard signs.’

Anecdotally, I know this to be true for my family, friends, and myself. If we can’t find it on-line, we won’t buy it. If we can’t read your website on our phone, we won’t use it. What about your clients? Do es your business need a modern web re-design?

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