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One of my favority TV shows is Bear Gryll’s Man vs Wild. The guy is relentlessly optimistic and faces every severe wilderness challenge presented with a bit of humor and great showmanship. It’s great inspiration to get away from the computer screen and out doing the things that bring the most joy.

I wish I could be as impressed with the website the Discovery channel created for him.

You see, although I can’t catch all of his shows on TV, I do keep up with Bear’s adventures by following his blog.  The problem is that the blog has no RSS feed and that means I cannot add it to Google Reader and keep up with it everywhere I have an internet connection (at home, on the job, on my phone.)

While this may sound like a small issue, this is a much larger marketing oversite that your company can learn from.

You see, if you are going to go through the trouble to build your brand (Bear is a brand), and supply a website to protect and advertise that brand (you do have a website for your brand, right?), and then provide great content (Bear does via TV and the blog), then you would want to build as big of an audience as possible, right?

Bear is losing potential audiences because his website is not set up for RSS or Really Simple Syndication.  RSS is a term for making your website content widely available for free via a website tool. Like I mentioned before, some people like to use RSS to keep up with their favorite content and share it with their friends. Other times, webmasters use it to put free content on their website and link back to your site. Any way you look at it, it is a great way to attract an audience. And I know, I use it on this site!

If you would like more information on how RSS can help your business, just add a comment directly below. If there’s enough interest, I will create a guide on how to get started. If you just want to know how you could use RSS to keep up with your favorite shows, I can write that up as well!

Just so I don’t end this post on a sour note, take a look at another one of my favorite show’s website: Anthony Bourdain. That is an RSS feed done right!

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