How to Lose Friends and De-Influence Customers

No matter what you buy or what you sell, every transaction boils down to a human relationship. It is important to remember this even in today’s face paced world of website design, e-commerce, and email marketing. Clients are ultimately people, and people don’t buy from annoying companies.

I have been getting very annoyed at some Charlotte and Lake Wylie companies these days. And no, I will not be buying anything from them.

My patience has been recently tested by a flood of unsolicited emails from companies using email marketing services to send newsletters to me in hopes I will buy from them.

My first complaint is that these companies never asked my permission to market to me. This is illegal via ICANN. Emails sent to me without my approval amount to SPAM. And I hate SPAM!!! I hate having to install spam filters and set up parsing rules in my in box in order to get to the good stuff.

My second complaint is that the content they send is garbage! Why do these companies send me monthly recipes when they are in the video business? If you are going to intrude upon my time, against my will, why not at least send me something that is useful or that makes a strong case for me to buy from you?

Another complaint is for the lack of targeted marketing. Targeted marketing is when you cull and shape a list of prospective clients and customers and only send them marketing material especially geared towards them. Targeted marketing is very easy to do in New Age media like website design, e-newsletters, and Google AdWords. When companies using new age marketing techniques on their emails do not target their customers they look lazy, like the prospect wasn’t worth their effort. For example, I have shaved head! Why are you spamming me with women’s curling mousse?

My final complaint is that there is no way to unsubscribe! These pests have signed me up without consent, they don’t ever want to let me off of the list!

The right way to use email newsletters

  1. Use an opt-in list. Only send a newsletter email to people who ask to sign up.
  2. Send good content or send nothing at all.
  3. Target your customers with relevant, useful deals you know that they can use.
  4. Provide a way for subscribers to opt-out!

The tech industry says Google’s first mantra is ‘Do no evil.’ Perhaps it should be every email marketer’s creed, too.

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