What to Write on Your Website

What to Write on Your Website

OK. You’ve spent the time, money, and energy to create a new website. It looks great. All of your friends are impressed. Your competitors despair upon seeing it. Your clients love it. You love that you can add new articles, write blog posts, and change details around without having to earn a PhD in Computer Science. There’s only one problem; you have no idea what to write.

Frequent Posting is a Good Thing.

You know that frequent articles are a good thing. At least you think you do. Let’s review why.

People like it

People like frequently-updated sites for a number of reasons. For one, it gives your website that ‘lived in” look and feel. A website with frequent, new, interesting content will keep people coming back for more. It will keep people buying from you. After all, are you more likely to visit or buy something from a fresh, dynamic website or one that hasn’t been updated since 1995?

Search Engines likes it

Google, Yahoo, etc. have a mission to return the most relevant web page results. Timeliness is certainly a factor. Google will index your page AND ascribe more authority (i.e. move you up in rankings) if your site frequently has new, relevant articles for your audience. In fact, if you purchase a website from Charlotte Web Development your website will automatically tell Google and others immediately once you have added a new article dramatically increasing the chances for them to rank your site.

Syndicators like it

There is an entire industry out there that wants to syndicate your content. The more articles you write, the greater the chance of someone picking up your RSS feed (geek speak for subscription) and feature your content. That’s a great way to publicize your website and company for free.

Write What You Know

Every authors encourages aspiring writers to ‘write what you know.’ I’m no different. You should write what you know but keep it to the subject of what your site is about.

Example:Today I knew I needed to get a post out. For the sake of relevancy, in needed to be about website design, Internet marketing, or web management. While I was debating what to write I came up with this post. An auto detailer with a website should make a different choice than a website designer. We should both make a different choice than a doctor, a lawyer, or any other professional.

Another tactic is to create a set of web alerts about the subject for yourself and then write timely articles about it. If you can get a story out quickly about a news item, you can capture a lot of links and traffic as more people become aware of the item. Also, your audience will appreciate your expert opinion.

So, write what you know. Write about what people are asking about. Write about your current project. Write about a great project you would like to work on. Just write and keep it relevant to your site.

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