SEO of Commenting: a lesson from civicSEO

A few weeks ago CivicSEO left a comment on my How to Fix Broken Links post.

I always appreciate comments and to show my appreciation I enable commentors to leave a link to their site. CivicSEO’s comment was doubly appreciated for the silent lesson he taught me!

The SEO of Commenting

Normally, when people leave comments they just include a link to their site. For example, if I comment elsewhere, I generally leave my name and my base URL (i.e. Civic went a bit further and in doing so gave me a great tip to share.

Use Keywords in Comment Name

When you leave a comment, your name will usually be a link back to your site. Be sure to use keywords that you want associated with your site. In my instance, I love links that state Web Designer Charlotte because I would like to rank higher for that combination.

Link to a Specific Page

In order to build brand link equity (ex. Rate highly for Charlotte Web Development) I do occasionally use my company name instead of my name while commenting. CivicSEO did one better and linked on my page about .htaccess and 301 redirects to his own page about the same material! That was brilliant! He now has a link on my page specifically devoted to that material to his own page in the same context! Search engines love contextual links!

Possible SEO Commenting Strategy

I have not conferred with Civic on whether he does this regularly but it sounds like a great strategy to me! Write a post and then search for other blogs who have written the same thing. Comment on those posts using the keywords you would like to see pointing to your site in your name while using the URL of your post as your website!

Field Test

I have just left a comment on Civic’s HTaccess Redirect Examples, here. It links back to my original article on How to Fix Broken Links with Meta Tags and .htaccess Redirects. Let’s see if he keeps it. I have my doubts as circular linking is usually not a great idea.

As a second test, I have searched on ‘seo commenting‘ and found the following results. I am going to comment on a few and see what happens. Let’s see if we can get a discussion going on this page!

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