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Websites are an incredible investment. For small businesses, all investments must be measured by the return they generate. After all, why have a website that loses money?

How to Have a Better Website ROI through Blogging

The purpose of a website is to attract visitors. If we are to measure ROI, we must measure how many people view the website, how much we spent to build the site and get them there and compare that to the sales we make. I am a proponent of business blogging because when done correctly, you will attract many, many new visitors and convert them to real, tangible sales for your business. And I am not the only one.

You may remember Charlene (Charly) Leetham an Internet Marketer in Australia. Charly had given a very thoughtful answer that I incorporated in my popular Blogging Best Practices post. She went above and beyond, writing me a novel when I asked Are Blogs Worth the ROI for Small Business? Since her comments would have dominated that thread, I thought it appropriate to put her answer in a new post.

Here is her answer. My comments are noted as CWD:

Blogs are an essential tool for businesses to publicize themselves. The main benefit of a blog is that your site is indexed and appears in the Search Engine organic results, quickly. CWD: sites that are not indexed cannot show up in Google, Yahoo!, etc.

A well-setup blog will generally have your new content indexed in the search engines within 24 hours or less and, when combined with good SEO practices, it is entirely possible to rank highly for your chosen keywords.

CWD: If we consider that each webpage on your website attracts a certain number of visitors that ultimately become clients, the amount of investment it takes to add and advertise a new web page is very important. A blog can be a very cheap way of creating new web pages that advertise themselves.

One of the benefits of a blog is that your blog posts need only be between 200 and 300 words long. Theoretically if you can post 2 to 3 articles a week to your blog, you will not only be indexed quickly, but your site will continue to be indexed.

One practice that should be considered is creating posts for to span a period of time. With my blogging, I will create several weeks worth of content and queue those posts for a trickle feed release. CWD:I wrote this post a week before you saw it! That lets me spend more time on my business.

By implementing a blogging strategy, you will also be able to cement your businesses position as an authority within your chosen niche and allow your customers to interact and share their experiences with other readers. CWD: Once you become the authoritative website for your niche in a search engine, it becomes very difficult for others to unseat you. For example, if you are the first entry for Google’s search results for Charlotte Accountant, anyone trying to take that spot from you will have to build a better website and / or marketing campaign.

When you consider the cost of employing someone to write the blog posts for you, versus the advertising costs for other traffic generation methods that will give you an equally targeted audience, the costs are more than reasonable.

On a final note, you can make your blog content work double, triple or even quadruple time. From one blog post, with a small amount of rewriting, you will then have articles that you can submit to article distribution services and article directories, which are far more effective for Search Engine rankings than microblogging sites.

The other thing to consider is that with WordPress blogs (at least), your website can actually be your blog. It is entirely possible to have a mixture of static pages and blog posts to highlight your products and services. – CWD: This is exactly what our Dynamic Web Design Package does!

Quantifiable – I can have my blog posts indexed within 12 hours of posting and will generally rank on the first page for my chosen keywords.

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Matt Hanson October 7, 2008 at 4:40 pm

Good writing. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed my Google News Reader..

Matt Hanson


admin October 7, 2008 at 5:48 pm

Thanks, Matt. Much more is in the queue lined up at a rate of 3 times a week for the next few weeks. We will turn an eye to common website design errors with a multi-article series before investigating taxation issues of websites. If there is something in particular that you would like to see, just let us know.

Great WordPress site, too. I like the consistent content and the layout/design is very cool.


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