5 Website Design Errors that Piss Me Off

A good website design will position your business in front of a multitude of contacts in an incredibly positive light. A bad website design….. well, the damage can be extensive. I asked a range of professionals ‘What are the top 5 web design errors you see today?’

Their answers were so overwhelming that I had to make several different posts to cover the topic. Those will becoming out as a series of posts through out the next week covering topics ranging from Aesthetics to Navigation to Content. You should be able to see the entire Web Design Errors series. For now, here’s my list:

1. Poor Planning.
Like many constructive endeavors, website design takes time, effort, and money. It pays to get it right. Choose a message, choose a delivery vehicle, and create a plan! Scattershot, anything goes websites drive me to distraction!

2. Not Browser Friendly.
A website should look as good in Firefox as it does on IE. I should be able to use it on my iPhone and my clients should be able to use it on their Blackberries.

3. Wrong technology.
Sure, Flash looks pretty but it’s kind of annoying and when it comes to SEO, just plain worthless. Choose the right tools for the job at hand.

4. Bad Color Scheme.
Tacky is as tacky does.

5. Too many Ads
Whitespace is a good thing. There is no need to commercialize every pixel of space.

Have any website design pet-peeves? Let the world know below!

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