Would you do business with a company that didn’t have a website?

How is the world-wide economic recession was affecting the shopping habits of professionals? With high gas prices, low-employment, static wage increases, and an unsteady economy, people are doing more than their fare share of due diligence ahead of making purchases, trying to find the best products and deals on-line. Not to mention shopping on-line saves gas money!

Being a web developer, my first line of research is the Internet. With my on-line lifestyle, I tend to miss companies that are not within the reach of my Google-enabled iPhone. So I asked the world, “Would you do business with a company that didn’t have a website?” and the response was very informative and entertaining.

The People Have Spoken

This question brought a tremendous and passionate response from a world-wide audience. Everything from an emphatic no:

No. It is the baseline of business investment. It’s like doing business with someone that doesn’t have a phone.

Ken Schneider, VP Sales & Marketing at Consumer Products

To a few yes-es to the lukewarm maybes.

Over the next few articles (I publish Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday) I will provided selected amusing and enlightening quotes and then added my two cents and posed some more questions of my own. The idea is to stimulate conversation and try to learn something in the process. Agree, disagree, let your voice be heard below in the comments. Email this post to friends and ask them to weigh in. If you’d like to skip to the punchline and see the hard statistics about Who Would Do Business With a Company that Has no Website, read the compilation here: How to Increase Sales 73.4% .

Would you do business with a company that didn’t have a website?

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