How to Book 73.4% More Sales

How to Book 73.4% More Sales

What would booking 73.4% more sales do for your business? Would that help? Would it change your life? Here’s an idea on how to make that a reality.

Your Business in Chapters

Imagine your business as a hardback book. Since you have a real and thriving book, this is not a work of fiction. It’s a no-nonsense reference book. The kind of one you turn to when you need clear, decisive answers.

Your business likely has several parts to it, just as chapters are part of a book. And, as we discovered before in my highly-unscientific study, you can increase sales 73.4% by having a website. So, for this article, I am going to show how you can effectively create your website as you would a book for your company.

Chapter One – The Introduction.

A book has to start somewhere. A book on your business would likely start with an introduction to who/what your business is all about and allude to the specifics to come in later chapters.

The intro to your website is the home page or the landing page. This is the front door to your business where people first come to your site – make it short, make it sweet and make it pop!

Chapters Two through N.

The next chapters would likely be the specifics about each fundamental piece of your business. For example, if your business was a gym, you would likely have a chapter on fat loss, another on muscle building, perhaps a few more on nutrition, cardio, powerlifting, etc.

Not every reader of your book would necessarily read every chapter. But you better have chapters for the points of interest with the greatest amount of customers!


These days all books have appendices of some kind. Whether it’s J. R. R. Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings trilogy with maps and elvish script or a cookbook with commonly-used measurements, extra information is useful when placed in near context.

The analog for your business are the essential details: contact information, business location, terms, etc. Be sure to have a page for each.


How frustrating is it for a book not to have an index? It’s a lifesaver when you need information quickly and you don’t have the time or patience to re-read the whole damn thing!

Put an index on your website in terms of both a search form and a site map. Both xml and xhtml versions on the latter are preferable.


Yes, your site could use flashy images to gain attention, but that’s not what makes the sale. What makes the sale is the social proof on the dust covers. I’m talking about the synopsis followed by the expert reviews. Sure, you might say that you are not swayed by what the NY Time reviewer says about the book – but won’t you notice if it’s not there? What if all of the reviewers are from places you’ve never heard of? The same can be said for businesses without a testimonial’s page. Put one on your site and drive traffic there – your sales will improve!


Finally, few books become successful without buzz. What is buzz? It’s getting people to talk about, think about, and interact with your product. Does your website have a forum? Does it have a gathering? Can people interact with it?

I know, you may thing that this web 2.0 stuff just isn’t for your family hardware store website. But what if people asked questions about home projects on your site? What if every time someone Googled a how to repair something an answer on your bulletin board forum turned up? How much would your sales grow if there was a lively group of people discussing and helping each other out? Don’t think you have the man power to do it? Check out Tivo’s online forum. That company has awful customer support but enjoys massively popularity in a large part thanks to the incredibly vibrant online community it hosts. I’m sure you could generate buzz in a much easier way!


How do you end a book? I suppose one graceful way is to thank everyone for reading and offer to help, correct or elaborate on anything covered previously. So, in that regard, I offer the same. Thanks for reading! If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below! Did I mess up an analogy? Did I over look the obvious? Tell the world in the comments!

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