10 Ways to Increase Sales 73.4%

We’ve been discussing the feedback from my polling question ‘Would you do business with a company that had no website?’ Today we will extrapolate several ways you can increase your sales up to 73.4% by having a website for your business.

1: Create a Portfolio

I need to have a website to show potential clients the product and services I provide. Also, without a website, with visuals, there’s no way people will know about me outside of my immediate area. Dave Maskin, WireNames.com

A picture is worth a thousand words. Dave makes an excellent point.How many sales do you think simply having a site has brought him vs only word of mouth? How many would yours?

2: Post Reviews and Recommendations

Very unlikely that I would purchase anything from a business without a website – in fact, I prefer buying online and I value others reviews and recommendations to help me. Tough times or not, I will always do my homework before buying. – Claire Seymour, Eat Out Brisbane

We humans are social creatures and as much as we would like to dismiss it, we do value other people’s opinions – even those who we’ve never met. Testimonials, reviews, and consumer discussion all serve to make the sale easier. Feature them prominently on your site.

3: Make it Pretty …

Bad websites can even be a turn-off for me. If they can’t take the time to do a website, or a good one then they must not care about the customer. Erik Bartz, Marketing Coordinator, Pivotal Solutions

It’s tough, but looks count. Especially on a website. Be sure to avoid these Aesthetic Web Design errors.

4: … But Don’t Hide the Info!

Websites are how I gather information. If a company isn’t going to respect me by providing the information I want in the format I want it, then why should I bother? Again, Erik Bartz

Your website audience has surfed over to your site with the aim of getting information. Don’t make them work for it. Clearly label and display what those potential clients are looking for!

5: Get Noticed

For instance. Lets say you sell laptops. Pretty much everyone does. If you don’t have a web site, only the people knowing you sell laptops are your potential customers. If you had a web site, more potential customers that search your city and laptops…right… well laptops are expensive in a budget where its a toss up between food and gas… so put as much info as you can so people can compare and find your laptop the best. -Edward Grondin

6: Make a Favorable Impression

Websites have become so ingrained in the consumer’s consciousness that we have begun to see it as a litmus test for general business competence.

My view is that if they can’t get themselves a website, then there will be other things they also won’t bother to do. -Marilyn Z Tomlins, author of “Dr. Satan” a book on Dr. Marcel Petiot, the WW2 French serial killer.

Many feel that establishing a website should be a basic business practice.

No, (a website is) a basic business tool now. I would imagine if they don’t have the basics then they are probably not going to deliver “up-to-date” results. Forget about cutting edge – they wouldn’t have the goods is my guess. Pam Perry, PR Coach

A web site, even if it is one page, along with email should be as basic as getting your business license. Remember, your “curb appeal!” Beth Avery Fine, The Publicity Queen

7: Access the Global Village

The World Wide Web is so named for the distributed nature of the Internet. While you may not have dreams of global expansion of your business, having friends and contacts in many places can only help.

Not having a website can be perceived as the company is not open, not interested in reaching out to the one big global village which is getting created now because of technology. – Agastalin Koil Bose

8: Build Relationships

More than just electrons called upon request to a browser and monitor, modern websites have built-in functionality that allows you to connect with your client and prospect base.

Professional services such as accounting, legal or architecture are built on relationships. Websites for those firms should include testimonials and references from existing clients. Unique businesses that have custom work need to create websites that use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to drive traffic to their website since their demographics probably cater to a smaller audience. Again, Beth Avery Fine

9: Establish Credibility

Central to my original question about buying from a company that did not have a website was credibility. Like credit scores, on-line presence is a strong indicator of a viable, vibrant company. In today’s economic climate I want to ensure the purchase I am making is the right one through on-line research.

Websites today are more than sources of information. They are deemed to be evidence of a business’ legitimacy. They really have become the equivalent of a business card. Just as you would doubt the credibility of a prospective supplier who didn’t have a business card, so too would you wonder about dealing with a company that didn’t trouble itself to have an online presence. – Suzanne Pope, Associate Creative Director, John St. Advertising

Websites have become an integral part of the information gathering about a Company or a Service and websites do tend to provide sort legitimacy to the business. –Harmandeep Singh, Associate Project Manager at Compro Technologies

10: Reinforce Local Shoppers

A common misconception is that visitors to your website are nameless, faceless web surfers that you will never meet. Far from anonymous, the people in your neighborhood are looking for your business on the web. Whether it is to check to see if you offer x, if there is a sale on y, or just for your address and phone number. Better make sure that it is your website they find, rather than the guy’s across the street.

If I’m looking for a product, it’s much handier if the seller has a website. It makes it easier to search for what I need and then compare products and prices. I still like to buy from local stores to support my community and to save shipping charges, especially on larger items. Sometimes I will use websites to do research and then buy from a local store. -Max Marti

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