How Website Sales Happen

2 respondents to my earlier poll ‘Would you do business with a company that had no website?’ provided great examples of their thought process. They agreed to let me share them with you. Lucky dogs!

Real World Example

The first is a real world example covers two diverging view points:

Earlier this year I was doing a kitchen renovation, and took a pass on one supplier because they had no website where I could investigate them. So for me it’s a “yes”.

However, that goes to my individual search behavior. My parents, also renovating, rely solely on recommendations from a trusted general contractor.  Megann Willson, Voice of the Customer Consultant and Lecturer in Integrated Marketing Communications.

Decision Making Factor Example

The second is a great mind mapping exercise. It is a long one so I do not use my normal blockquote attribution. Suffice to say, everything from here to the end is one quote.

Well, lets say I’m looking for the Good X, check these scenarios:

  • – 5 companies that sells it has a website
  • – 3 other companies doesn’t have website
  • – 5 companies has website, but 3 of them are terrible

So, we cant deny the Website as one of the factors on the decision making when buying something, but we cant say its the only one. So, Yes I would do business with a company that doesn’t have a website, but that company would be need to be doing or having something very special or unique.

– On those 3 companies that doesn’t have a website one of them is 2 blocks away from where I live.

Well, that now can be a very strong decision making factor, so what is more important? 2 Blocks away from you without a website or at the other side of the world but with a nice website? Well, sometimes it can be hard to say, but…

– One of the 2 companies that HAS a nice websites, is 2 blocks away from you!

Wow! That’s probably a great choice… BUT.. now a 3rd factor comes into play, is the most expensive one…

We could go over and over here creating more Decision Making Factors, but I think I gave the idea: The Website is a important support of any company business, it DOES counts as a Decision Making Factor for more and more costumers everyday, but it still being ONE of the many factors that exist, how important they are depends and is also a individual call. We can already see how its individual on the answers here… 🙂 Rafael Esberard – CEO, AWM Interactive

Final Exercise

Thanks to Megan and Rafael for helping me out with this post! For a final thought, try this exercise. I like to do this periodically as it helps me identify marketing forces that play on my own decision making processes.

Step 1: Look at the last 10 transactions each of your personal and business credit and debit cards.
Step 2: Write down the main idea behind the purchase.
Step 3: Figure out why you made that purchase there. Was it convenient? Had you been influenced by friends, media or testimonials? Was it a want or a need purchase?

Doing this every so often has made me a much better consumer as well as a more efficient marketer. I’m sure it will do the same for you.

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Jamie Harrop December 12, 2008 at 2:04 am

Excellent post, Ted, and excellent comments from Megan and Rafael.

I have to say, I would more often than not be put off if a company didn’t have a Web site.

However, it really does depend on the situation. If I’m hiring somebody to come in and fix my plumbing, I’m going to look for the small sole trader and a personal recommendation from a friend. I don’t expect him to have a Web site.

But if I’m purchasing from anything other than a sole trader or small partnership, I usually expect to see something online.

On the other hand, if I was looking for a sole trading personal trainer, for whatever reason I would expect him or her to have a Web site. I guess it depends as much about the profession as it does anything else.



CWD December 13, 2008 at 12:13 pm

Thanks for the comment and for visiting, Jamie. For anyone not familiar with Jamie, please go check out his site here, you’ll be impressed!


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