4 Great Reasons to Build a Website Now!

The economy sucks. Sales are harder. So your business needs to work harder and smarter. Here are several reasons you need to stop procrastinating and build a website now. Even a small and basic one.

Costs the Same as Print

What did your last print run cost you? A couple of hundred dollars after adding up design, printing, shipping, and mailing fees? And what happened to all of those fliers, postcards, inserts, and banners? Thrown out, right? Why wouldn’t you put that same banner on a website that is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a week?

The cost of brochure-ware is no more or less the cost of an analog brochure. A few pages describing the ideas, products or services are important. -Marc Rapp, Creative with Seesaw, a brand development firm in Manhattan, New York.

That’s Where the Consumers Are

The Bassmasters on the Lake Wylie throw their hooks at specific spots for a reason: that’s where the fish are. Are you fishing where the fish are?

We know that 70% of American consumers are buying online, having conversations online, and will buy from retailers online that make it easy for them to do so. Any small to medium size (or larger) business must not only have a compelling online presence, but have that as a priority for their business, if they want to grow. -Janet Engel, Director of Sales, Central US and Canada at Holland America Line

A company’s website tends to be my first port of call when doing a little desk research. -Bryony Thomas, Clear Thought Consulting

Pre-Emptive Security

Not everyone in the world plays fair. Not everyone is a nice person. You know this. A smart defensive play would be to register the domain name for your company before someone else does. Just because your company name is ACME Toys does not mean a 14 year old on the other side of the world can’t buy that name.

If they do not have their own website, others will only be too glad to step into the breach and either:

  1. Redirect using the absentee’s URL iterations that the others order and own now or
  2. List all kinds of information bits about the absentee’s business, much that may not represent that absent company quite the way they would want to be presented.

Only for these two reasons would I encourage a company that does just fine without a web presence to have a small ‘brochure’ type site just to keep the record straight. -Johan de Lange, CEO, Transsmart Holdings Limited

Professional Email

It used to be that you could do business with a comporium.net or aol.com email address. Those days are past. They make you look amateurish. Register a domain for your site and use that as your email address. What do you think looks more professional @carolina.rr.com.au.blah.blah or you@yourcompany.com ? Which would you email if you wanted an intelligent, professional response?

When you use free mail services, you are saying “my company name isn’t worth ($100) per year for mail service.” Is that the image you want in the marketplace? -Beth Avery Fine, The Publicity Queen

You Don’t Have to Out Run the Bear, you do have to out run your competitors.

If not, your business is lunch. Take a look around at your competitors. Does that guy across town have a website? Is it better than yours? Does it get him more customers? Why don’t you have one yet?

Everybody is connected to the internet, everybody uses it…so as a consumer if I have the choice between two or three companies, I will probably go for the one I can find information about…and even for a house if I can see it before I go and do the real tour. –Christophe Peyras

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