Are Short Blog Posts Worth It?

Are Short Blog Posts Worth It?

Sometimes I’m in the mood to write long, lengthy posts. Sometimes I am not. When I can, I like to provide substantial content. When I don’t have the time I wonder if writing a quick note as a blog post is even worth it.

Short Blog Posts Are Worth It!

  1. RSS
  2. Your posts are transmitted the world over in RSS. Even short posts can gain you an audience.

  3. Practice
  4. Short posts keep your site top-of-mind to your subscription audience but they also keep your blog top of mind for you.

  5. Eliminates Clutter
  6. Not every post has to be a novel. Most web surfers are looking for quick, dirty answers. They can always leave comments or contact you if they need a better answer!

  7. Google Loves Content
  8. Every short post is another post of content for Google to crawl for you. That’s well over 100% better than not having that post!

  9. Google Loves Frequency
  10. If you want to stay atop the search engine rankings for your keywords, you better have a frequently-updated website. The highest rankings for competitive keywords generally go to the most frequently updated sites.

What do you think? Was this short post worth your time and mine?

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