30 Second Picasa Review for Small Business

30 Second Small Business Picasa Review

Ever wondered what Picasa is, if it’s worth your time or how it can help your small business?

I did. Here’s what I found out.

What is Picasa?

Picasa is a photo sharing service owned by Google. In short, you can post images for free to their website and share them with your friends.

How Does Picasa Work?

You can use their web interface or do I like I did and download their free desktop software.

After you log into either interface you can create an album with a specific label, upload your photos, tag/label/map them, and then send a URL out to your friends so they can see and comment on them.

How Easy is it?

Totally painless. Novice users comfortable with a web browser should be able to easily use Picasa. I was able to download 300+ vacation photos from my iPhone to Picasa and upload them to the site in a matter of minutes.

Why Use Picasa?

Because you want to share pictures. For your business, remember, all press is good press, so share those photos!
Picasa for Small Business

5 Ways Photos on Picasa Can Help Your Business

  1. Product / service photos!
  2. Seeing is believing.

  3. Chamber of Commerce events.
  4. Especially if you are in B2B sales!

  5. Charity
  6. Let no good deed go unpublished.

  7. Clients
  8. Celebrate your successful clients.

  9. Prospects
  10. Prospects want to be able to see themselves using your service.

How do you use Picasa for your business?

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